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Booking contract agreement

Deposit Authorization
I accept there is a refundable $70 deposit for fondue set rental
Liability Wavier
Renter/Client is liable for injury, disability, death or damage to persons arising from any equipment rented and use of the items and the Renter indemnifies and saves harmless the Company against all such liability and against all others loss, expenses or damages relating in any way to rental or use of the items. The Renter releases the Company from any claims or liabilities arising in any way from rental and use of the items to themselves or anyone else. The Renter agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this contract.
Cleaning & Damage
I am aware we should not scrape the pot with sharp items when cleaning.
I understand cleaning instructions and accept the cleaning fees if equipment is not returned cleaned
Return of rentals dirty will result in a $30 cleaning fee.
Card on file
I authorize this business to keep my credit card on file through the payment processing company for any future transactions and damage charges. I understand that the terms of this authorization will remain in effect until I request that they be terminated. I acknowledge that the details are held on the payment processing database and fondue vancouver or its associated business hold no responsibility.
By accepting the terms you agree to the terms and provisions of this agreement.