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How It Works

”Easy like taking candy from a baby”,
Anyone who encountered a screaming toddler knows neither is that easy or fun but you know what is ?
Hosting your next fondue party with us !!

Step 1 (Order)

Follow the Order page to choose Type of Fondue, Size and the goodness you like to dip in. 

We offer cheese, dairy free & chocolate base. Complement the order with salads, desserts & drinks.

Step 2 (Delivery & Pick Up Details)

We are only doing drop offs at the moment, select the time slot best suited for pick up and delivery.

We will contact you the day off with your ETA.

Step 3 (Payment & Waiver)

Complete your payment through our secure options and accept the liability waiver.

There is a preauthorization deposit hold for the fondue set while you have it.

Step 4 (Delivery & Pick Up)

We will drop off the fondue set, along with all the sides selected prior to the event, there will be clear instructions on reheating and setting up for a successful fondue evening.

We will come pick up the items following day.