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Add some flare to your next dinner party !

Add some flare to your next dinner party !

If you’re tired of the same old game night and want to add some flare, then hosting a fondue night is the right choice for you!

Hosting a fondue night is a great way to get everyone together and have fun while enjoying delicious food. We are offering a selection of classic swiss cheese, vegan or chocolate fondues that can be paired with our signature salads, desserts or drinks. It’s easy to order online and delivery comes straight to your door. Our staff will bring everything needed for your fondue night in one convenient package!

The best part about hosting a fondue night is that it’s so versatile. You can play our signature games of fondue for new ways to get to know your friends and family over conversation, laughter and some 

Fondue Dining Experience

How easy is it to host a fondue night?

It’s so easy, you could do it with your eyes closed.

According to Martha Stewart—the supreme source of party etiquette—a woman who drops something in the fondue pot must have a shot of kirsh; a man must buy the table a round of drinks.
The extent to which you allow these rules to influence the guest list at your fondue party is at your discretion.

When you drop an item in the fondue set:

  1. Select a category and number from below
  2. Someone reads out the question or task
  3. You answer or execute
  4. Everyone praises your honesty and confidence
  5. Evening Continues….

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